Mind the Gap 2019

InterContinental London - The O2
23-25 January 2019

Join us in London for the 9th annual Nordic school development conference, in collaboration with Bett Show. Get on board and work with us in how we digitally, socially and ecologically can transform learning!

"Amazing keynotes, inspiring people, great ambience in an unbeatable location"

Participant at Lin's event in London 2018

Mind the Gap is a journey about gaps and the necessity of leaping them, but also about reducing the gaps. Join 600+ educators, teachers, principals and many other professions for an extraordinary experience in a fantastic setting, just across the river from Bett Show.

At our 3,000 sqm of event space we will create a gigantic variable program with seminars, workshops, inspiration and activities. And coffee. There will be lots of coffee.

Everything is managed and accessed easily through our event app. Mind the Gap is about exciting synergies and collaborations, learning from each other and helping reduce each other's gaps.

Gaps have been the story of our world and we all need to work towards uniting and bridging gaps to get a sustainable world. Get on board and work with us in how we digitally, socially and ecologically can transform learning.

This is what we did in January 2018. We promise you the same level of quality and engagement in 2019.


Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Hans Rosling was a Swedish physician, academic, statistician and public speaker, known for his video lectures on global health. When he passed away last year, there were no other option for the daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund than to take the stage. Anna is the mind behind Rosling's famous and educational methods for reporting facts. She is the co-founder of Gapminder with amission to spread a fact-based worldview. She travels around the world with her lectures and is praised by Bill Gates.

Fredrik Reinfeldt

Fredrik Reinfeldt was Sweden's Prime Minister 2006-2014 with a close and faithful relationship with several of the government leaders in Europe. Fredrik talks about changes and global trends and how we need to innovate to face these new challenges. Today, we are living new lives, with a different view of work, education, life stages and aging. In our new lives there are many opportunities, but also a risk of people being left out and behind. What kind of leadership is needed to handle constant change? With a strong belief in humanity and knowledge that life can actually start several times, Fredrik Reinfeldt delivers sharp insights - as well as a few solutions to the challenges that are waiting for us.

Mouna Esmaeilzadeh

The famous TV doctor in Sweden and one of the top wanted speakers in Europe right now. Mouna Esmaeilzadeh is one of the leading experts in the future of health science, and she predicts that humans with the right lifestyle and the right medical treatment can be over 150 years old. Mouna advocates the use of robots, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. Are you ready to find out why the future is brighter than you ever can imagine?

David Phillips

Time to stop all boring lectures and sowing lessons. David Phillips is on a mission to save everyone from what he calls the "PowerPoint Death". David is today one of Europe's most appreciated lecturers and trainers in presentation technology and rhetorics. When someone speaks to us, we are all affected by a lot of things without noticing it - body language, emphases and word choices. The ones who knows the tricks also knows how much it is possible to influence others. Learn from the master and speak so that others really listen!

Anna Ryott

Anna Ryott is Deputy CEO of Norrsken Foundation. Norrsken has established Norrsken House which has quickly become the largest hub for social entrepreneurship in Europe. But more than the physical space, it's also grown into an ecosystem for making the world better through technology, bringing together business, government and entrepreneurs. Anna Ryott also sits on the board in the World Childhood Foundation, the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council, the Anna Lindh Academy and Lin Education. In 2014, she was awarded H.M. The King's Medal for "Significant contributions to Swedish society and industry".

Carl Heath

Carl Heath works in the borderland of IT, learning and interaction design and is primarily responsible for digitization and learning at the research institute RISE. In 2017, he received the Golden Apple Award for his efforts in the digitalization of schools. He has just received the Swedish government's mission to lead a national effort on media and information literacy.


Wed 23 Jan

10.00-13.00 Welcome VIP reception at ExCeL.
Free time to enjoy the Bett Show

14.00-17.00 Lin Talks @ O2
14.00 Anna Rosling
15.00 Andreas Ekström
16.00 Mouna Esmaeilzadeh

Free evening for networking. Our own pub The Minories (located at Tower Gateway) offers 15 % discount to all our delegates.

Thu 24 Jan

09.00-11.00 Lin Talks @ O2
09.00 Lisa Ekström
10.00 David Phillips

11.00- The rest of the day is where you choose your own program from a large selection of exciting seminars, workshops and specialized content. All you need to do is find what interests you and challenges you the most. We have many different rooms where everything happens almost simultaneously - and you choose when and where you want to participate.

The detailed program will be in the app! You get a great overview through our event app and can plan your program, even before you leave. We also arrange a number of school visits to interesting schools around London.

19.00 Dinner and drinks
Lin's famous networking event - a dinner with great food and drinks, entertainment and a few surprises.

Fri 25 Jan

09.00-11.00 Lin Talks @ O2
09.00 Fredrik Reinfeldt
10.00 Anna Ryott

We continue with our wide range of content, lectures, workshops and school visits. As always, you can pick and choose easily in the event app.
The conference ends around 4pm and the rest of the evening is free for networking.


Sign up!

If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact us at:event@lineducation.se
By signing up, you agree that your personal information is handled in accordance with GDPR. Registration is handled by our partner in London - AC Luxe.

What you pay

• Conference package 690 GBP per person

For our delegates from Scandinavia, we charter planes from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen and we accomodate all 600 at two five star hotels (Grange City and Grange Tower Bridge). If you wish to buy an all-inclusive package including air travel and accomodation, please contact us or visit our Swedish registration page.

What is included

• Full conference; keynotes, seminars, workshops
• Free flowing coffee (yes, a lot of coffee!) at our event venue
• Oyster card (value £30) for your local London travel
• Choose from many guided school visits
• Our famous network dinner on Thursday
• Pre-registration and easy access to Bett Show at ExCeL, just across the river

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Varmt välkommen till London!

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